Kessler Sport is a Romanian-German company located in Bucharest/Romania that has the ambition to be one of the brands that transform the Made in Romania/Made in Europe label into a symbol of quality and excellent performance.

It all began in 1998 when Fernanda Jurca in association with Andreas Kessler and together with five employees were manufacturing the first clothes under the brand of Kessler Sport. Over the years we designed clothes for the Romanian Federation for Canoeing and Kayaking, Romanian National Basketball Team and, of course, the  Romanian National Gliding Team. We also manufactured the outdoor covers for all the gliders of the Romanian National Gliding Team.

Today Kessler is a well established brand producing casual and sportswear.

We aim to be perceived by customers as being the best option to buy quality products at unbeatable prices, no matter if it is the case of casual wear, sport clothes or glider covers.

Regardless of the success we have now and we will have in the future, our prices will always remain low because the motto of Kessler will always be:

“Products of excellent quality, not expensive labels”

In 2013 we started distributing equipment and instruments for gliders being appointed as dealers for LXNav and Naviter.


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Andreas Kessler

Head of Sales

Andreas is a passionate glider pilot and also a  very successful competition pilot owing an ASG29. Competes regularly in World, European and National Championships in 18m and Double Seater classes.

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Bogdan Manoiu

Technical Consultant

Bogdan works as an Airline Pilot but is also a gliding enthusiast proud owner of an LS4. He also holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.


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Kessler Sport


Mobile: +40722 554 613

Mobile: +447470 351 378

Bulevardul Ghencea 134, București 61703, Romania